International conference «Herat Security Dialog-IX»

As the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (2011 — 2018), since 2012, I have repeatedly participated in the International Conference «Herat Security Dialogue». For many years, its organizer and ideological inspirer has been our friend and partner of the Kazakhstan-Afghanistan Association for Development and Partnership “AFG-QAZ” — Director General of the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISI), Doctor of Political Science Dawood Moradian.

The Institute headed by him has agreements on cooperation with the KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the JSC «Center for Military Strategic Studies» of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. AISI was visited by the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Ashimbayev, being the head of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security of the Mazhilis.

It is gratifying to note that in difficult conditions, Dr. Moradian continues to invest his intellectual and organizational capabilities in holding such an important forum today.

So, on November 12-14, 2020, the AISI headed by him — the leading private political science center of the IRA — held the next international conference «Herat Security Dialogue — 9» on the theme «Peace Processes in Afghanistan».

The event (Herat city, the IRA) was opened with a welcoming speech by Dr. R. Spanta, President of AISI, former Foreign Minister and Adviser to the President of the IRA on National Security. The opening speech was delivered by the First Vice-President of the IRA A.Saleh. A message H.McMaster, former Adviser to the US President for National Security was read out as well. The Chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation A. Abdullah made a speech.

The speeches of the conference participants were held at plenary sessions on a wide range of topical issues:

 — Afghanistan’s political structure;

 — ethnic discourse in Afghanistan;

— Islamic political system;

— what does the Taliban want?

— Afghanistan and Pakistan relationship;

— art and criteria for successful peace negotiation;

— Afghanistan and the USA relationship;

— prospects and role of the international community in the Afghan peace;

— prospects for the IRA-India-USA trilateral cooperation;

— opportunities for Afghanistan-China-Iran cooperation;

— Afghanistan’s political structure: legitimacy, potential;

— geopolitics of Afghanistan: from a vicious circle to a virtuous one;

— structural corruption: termites or dragons?

— Islamic political system: an achievable utopia?

— victims: justice, forgiveness, peace.

— peace processes / models: Tajikistan, Tunisia or Syria?

The final panel was held under the slogan “The Way Forward”.

The participants in the meetings were prominent statesmen, members of parliament, activists of civil society, as well as academic and expert circles of the IRA.

Speakers at the plenary sessions expressed their views on the above issues related to modern life in Afghanistan and the way out of the state of war and the transition to a peaceful life, the fight against corruption, etc.

Special attention of the audience was paid to the issues of the peace process with the armed opposition, represented by the Taliban movement.

Several panels were dedicated to the development of interstate relations between Afghanistan and the United States, China, India, Iran and Pakistan, on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional foreign participants from Iran, Pakistan, India, the USA, Russia, Central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan, did not attend the forum.

Taking into account the contribution of statesmen, politicians and scientists to the peace process in the IRA, I would like to wish Dr. Moradian and other Afghan colleagues and friends an early settlement of the internal conflict with the Taliban, the achievement of peace and stability in the country.

O. Bitimov

Chairman of the Kazakhstan-Afghanistan for

Development Association and Partnership «AFG-QAZ»

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