On establishment of the Scientific Center of Eastern Journalism «Orient»

Since 2018, the Qazaqstan-Afghan Association for Development and Partnership “AFG-QAZ” has been closely cooperating with Al-Farabi Qazaq National University, where Afghan students continue to study for free through the State Educational Program of the Republic of Qazaqstan for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In the framework of interaction with the mentioned University, the Association “AFG-QAZ” provided assistance to the leadership of the Faculty of Journalism in the creation of the Scientific Center of Eastern Journalism «Orient» under it. Officially, the Center has begun its work on 16 March 2020.

The activities of the “Orient” Center will cover the countries of the Near and Middle East, Central Asia, including Afghanistan and Qazaqstan.

According to the approved Regulation the “AFG-QAZ” Association is partner of the “Orient” Center.

The main goal of the “Orient” Center is to coordinate educational, cultural, educational, research and informational and image-related activities to preserve, develop and disseminate knowledge and practical results in the field of journalism by conducting relevant research, organizational and other events.

The “AFG-QAZ” Association, together with the “Orient” Center, plans to attract the opportunities of the media and expert communities of Qazaqstan and Afghanistan for mutual informing audiences about important events in the political and economic life of our countries.

Counterparties from the Central Asian region and Afghanistan are already showing practical interest in the “Orient” Center.

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Dear partners of the “AFG-QAZ” Association, please read on the website information about the events which we carry out with the Scientific Center of Eastern Journalism «Orient» on the Afghan direction.


Chairman of the «AFG-QAZ» Association

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