On assembly of Mi-8AMT helicopters in Almaty

On December 12 this year in Almaty, I took part in the presentation of “ARZ 405” JSC of the first Mi-8AMT helicopter assembled by them from Russian components and parts, which was handed over to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Photo: O.Bitimov, Chairman Kazakhstan-Afghanistan Association for development and partnership «AFG-QAZ»

The helicopter is multipurpose, it can be used to transport people and goods, for medical purposes and rescue operations. The plant receives orders from a number of ministries and departments of Kazakhstan, which will be executed in a continuous mode. For this, a separate plant-line has been created and an efficient team of specialists has been formed. In the future, it is planned to receive orders from foreign partners on a commercial basis.

Earlier, the management of “ARZ 405” JSC was negotiating with the Afghan side on the creation of a technical and operational unit in the cities of Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif for servicing helicopters.

These helicopter models have proven themselves well in hard-to-reach mountain conditions. In the future, they can be successfully used in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to deliver rescuers, doctors and humanitarian supplies to remote areas of the country in the event of natural disasters and localizing the consequences of COVID-19.

Photo by Grigory Bedenko

O. Bitimov

Chairman Kazakhstan-Afghanistan Association for development and partnership «AFG-QAZ», ex-Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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